Measure Everything. Act on Facts.

"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."
Albert Einstein

About Datarocks

Data Rocks AG is a Swiss consultancy and engineering company founded in 2020 by three organizational excellence and technology enthusiasts.

As a team, we're providing our rich cross-domain experience in software engineering, innovating, lean and data-driven organizations, as well as portfolio, program, and project management to our clients.

We live and promote a scientific, fact-based, and lean approach that drives an innovative mindset and learning culture.

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What We Are Standing For

Our values are the core of our business and our commitment to our clients.

Promote a learning mentality. Follow a scientific approach.

Be committed to social and ecological sustainability.

Never compromise integrity. Trust your team. Test the limits. Control the risks.

Clients are our partners. We are committed to their success. We learn and grow together.