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Estimation in Software Development

Estimations in Software Development

Estimating seems easy, but getting estimations right continuously in software development is incredibly hard. In this article, we tell you why estimations often fail and how to identify the right process for you and produce better estimates.

Quantum::Estimation for JIRA

Get richer insights into estimations. Follow scientific best practices to improve accuracy. Easy estimation for distributed teams. With Quantum::Estimation for JIRA we build a tool allowing you to plan and integrate estimation better into your development processes.
City Cargo


Sustainability matter to us: At the Zürich Climathon 2020, we developed a concept study to decrease city traffic by leveraging unused cargo capacity for business and private drivers. Our concept was selected as the winner in the category "Car-free Zürich".

Who We Are

Katharina, Marco, and Sebastian founded Datarocks to help other businesses to unlock their potential with scientific-based, data-driven management systems. We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. We already worked together in past positions to launch new products, ideas, and ventures in international corporate environments.


Marco Kneubühler

Senior Partner
Data-driven Organizations; Leadership; Lean & Agile; Innovation

Sebastian Schmelzer

Senior Partner
Software and Infrastructure Architecture; Lean Software Development

Katharina van Daele

Senior Partner
Product Marketing; Diversity; Organisational Culture

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