Data Engineering and Science

Leverage Data to Drive Innovation.

"If you know almost nothing, almost anything will tell you something."
Douglas W. Hubbard,
How to Measure Anything
Finding the Value of "Intangibles" in Business

Extend your Products by Data-Driven Services

We support you in exploring innovative use cases to leverage data to extend your products and offerings

Create competitive advantage for your products by extending your offering with data-based services as predictive maintenance.
Reduce costs and increase productivity by optimizing capacity and demand management, production processes and inventory management.
Deliver better customer services by data-driven insights on product status, wear and tear.
Reduce inventory costs by predictive demand management.
Help your employees to be more productive with fact based feedback.
Get insights on products usage.

1 day
Ideation Workshop
You are interested to identify opportunities? Our ideation workshop gives you a first idea and basis for decision.
5 day
Develop a Product Proposal
We join forces with your team to develop a proof of concept and business case that allows you a go/no-go decision.
1 - 3 months
Build a Minimum Viable Product
Together with your team we build a minimum viable product that delivers all the essential functionality to test it as a productive solution.

How We Run a Data Exploration Process

The CRIPS-DM model conceptualizes the process of business-driven data analysis, preparation, modeling, and production deployment. We structure our projects based on CRISP-DM to facilitate a shared understanding of the required activities and progress.

Business Understanding

Get an understanding of your business objectives, the problems to address, and the impact on your organization. Together, we will identify how data can improve your business operations or be used to develop new innovative products.

Data Understanding

Based on your business objectives, we will explore and analyze the available data. Where data is missing or lacking the necessary quality or quantity, we will define sourcing strategies. Insights from data understanding will influence your business understanding since they might limit or extend possible business cases.

Data Preparation

We will support you in designing and implementing the data pipelines to run the ETL operations. We will help you achieve a scalable and cost-effective architecture by considering hybrid or cloud-native approaches.


Modeling covers a wide area of different techniques. We will help you identify the required skills and profiles and set up a qualified team of data scientists and domain experts.


The evaluation phase is critical for success. We will assist you in defining the relevant metrics to measure model performance and mapping to your business objectives. Evaluation will also provide the basis for continuous improvements and feed the learnings back into your business understanding.


Cloud-native managed services provide speed, flexibility, and low maintenance costs for your products. Together we will design and implement an architecture that allows you to achieve your business objectives.

Cloud Data Pipelines

Migrate your data pipelines to the cloud to gain flexibility, assure scalability and reduce costs.

We advise you in selecting the best-suited cloud offering, assist you in designing and implementing the cloud architecture and the migration strategy. We can also support you with project management and implementation.

Reduce Costs with Managed Services

Modern cloud bases managed services allow you to reduce your maintenance and structural costs. You will scale your services based on your demand and only pay based on resource consumption.

Learn more cloud managed data pipelines.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Existing on-premise pipelines are an asset, and you want to make sure there is a smooth and efficient migration path. Managed cloud Hadoop clusters allow you to run your existing jobs with modest changes in the cloud. We support you in selecting the migration strategy the best fits your case.

Learn more cloud migration strategies.

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