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Leverage the power of data driven and lean organizations.

"The purpose of a system is what it does. There is after all, no point in claiming that the purpose of a system is to do what it constantly fails to do."
Anthony Stafford Beer,
Diagnosing the system for organizations

Our Collaboration Model

Starting with an initial assessment of the status quo, we will jointly define which engagement levels best fit your unique needs. Get in contact with us to learn more about our engagement levels.

Helping You to Understand the Status Quo

We will support you with an initial analysis and propose additional measurements to improve insights as the basis for a successful implementation strategy.

Enable You to Implement the Change

We offer you our expertise as coaches and advisors on the strategic and tactical level to further implement a learning and data-driven organization.

Drive the Change and Build Up New Areas

We help to get your team up and running. Here, we focus on a collaborative approach and train your team to implement and drive the change. If required, we also offer interim management.

Establish a Data Driven Organization

We guide you in setting up a data-driven organizational design. Our unique ways of working help your teams utilize data to self-manage and deliver towards agreed targets. Continuous optimization metrics help to create lasting benefits.

Contact us to understand the power of:
  • data-driven decisions processes.
  • data to control and steer your activities.
  • predictive analytics to plan your project deliveries.
  • your data to build innvovative products.

Together we will analyze your data portfolio, identify potential, implement data sourcing, data pipelines, and products.

Act on Facts

With our help, you will implement data as a first-class citizen within your organization.

Learn more about data-driven organizations

Data Strategy Follows Vision

Data is a powerful lever to drive every aspect of your business. But as with any tool, its application needs clarity on the objectives to be achieved. We will assist you in defining a data strategy that is fit to realize your vision.

Learn more about how to develop your strategy

Establish Effective Lean and Agile
Development Organizations

Get in contact with us if you search for an organizational design that enables you to achieve your business objectives sustainably. We strongly believe that each organization, with its unique history, capabilities, and challenges, needs a tailored methodology to unlock its full potential. We help you assess the status quo, develop the vision, define the strategy, and implement the organizational change.

"A brain can improve till it fits its environment."
William Ross Ashby

Agile Change Initiatives

Lean and agile transformation has the potential to impact every aspect of your organization. By empowering your people to drive organizational improvements, you create a strong sense of ownership, foster engagement, and cultivate a learning culture. Together we will identify, design, and implement the change and establish lean and agile leadership within your organization.

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Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, or SAFe?

Which particular approach fits your organization best depends on various dimensions: preexisting organizational structure and capabilities, company culture, your delivery processes, customers, your value chain, and project types. We assist you in identifying the best fitting methodology, practices, and tooling.

Learn more about which methodology and tooling fits best for you

Data-first Strategy

Supply your leaders with the data they need to drive business success. Lean and agile methodology and data-driven management build a potent tandem. Replace waterfall planning with fact-driven controlling, steering, and predictive analytics. Let us together implement data as a first-class citizen into your lean and agile transformation strategy.

Learn more about how to implement data-first in your organization

Innovation Management

Creating an environment for innovation follows its own unique rules that are substantially different from delivery-oriented development departments. We bring a wealth of hands-on experience in setting up your R&D organizations to create the optimal conditions for sustainable innovations.

We at Datarocks have lean and agile, and data-first in our DNA. We love to help our partners to adopt and succeed with these practices.
Marco Kneub├╝hler Senior Partner, Datarocks

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